CASE Training

We know that our work with children is a sacred trust.  Therefore, we have fully implemented The Charter and Norms for the Protection of Children and Young People by conducting criminal record checks on all Catholic school and Catholic church employees as well as Catholic church and Catholic school volunteers who want to work with children, youth or vulnerable adults.

CASE Training contains three components: 

  • A Background Check form (found in the CASE Packet Revised SKT)
  • A Volunteer Code of Conduct form (also found in the CASE Packet Revised SKT) and
  • CASE Training which can be completed anytime online or during in-person CASE training sessions when offered.  (Instructions for the Online CASE training can be found in Online CASE Instructions for Volunteers REVISED)    

We require that all volunteers working with children, youth and/or vulnerable adults fulfill the requirements of Creating a Safe Environment (CASE) prior to volunteering and have their CASE training renewed every three years. 

Read the latest CASE Newsletters on the Diocese of Rochester website at

if you have any questions or concerns about CASE Training or if you need assistance completing your CASE training, please contact our CASE Coordinator, Corynn Shaw in the Faith Formation Office at 338-1146 or at