Saint Kateri Preschool offers a broad range of learning experiences for the 3 and 4-year old child within a Catholic atmosphere. It provides for the spiritual, social- emotional, physical and intellectual needs of each child.  Our goal is for the young child to discover through play an understanding of the world around them and to develop an awareness of God’s love for them and others.  We want our preschoolers to look forward to schooling and to have a fun experience. 

Saint Kateri School provides an educational climate where a variety of activities and experiences will be offered that foster creativity and develop skills for lifelong learning.  Fostering social interaction with peers is a primary learning skill for our young students.  We continuously develop throughout the year a genuine love and respect for God, themselves, others in the world in which they live.  Our major and most important role is to introduce these little ones to Jesus as their life-long friend.

You, as parents, are the primary educators of your child.  We, the teachers, assist you in the important job of nurturing your child’s growth and development. 


The public-school districts do not provide transportation for the preschoolers. Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from school.


Morning Session:                        8:30 – 11:00

Full Day:                                        8:30 – 2:15


Please bring your child to the west door (Door #1-Preschool Door).  A Preschool staff member will be waiting to greet your child and escort him/her to the classroom.  We discourage parents from bringing children to the classroom door after the first week.  Separation is easier at the outside door and the children become very proud of their independence.  In case of inclement weather, please wait with your child in your car until you see a teacher or assistant at the door.

If your child is late to school, you must enter through the main door in front, sign them in at the Main Office, and escort them to their classroom.


Three Year Olds:               Three-year olds will be dismissed through

                                              Door #1-Preschool Door

Four Year Olds:                 Four-year olds will be dismissed through Door #11 in the

                                              back door of the Gym. 

NEW FOR 2019-2020: 

All adults picking up preschool children will be required to enter the building and sign their child out of school.  Students will be waiting with a preschool staff member in a designated place in the Gym while adults are signing out. 

At the beginning of the school year, all parents will be asked to complete a form indicating who can pick up their child.  If it is necessary for someone not listed to pick up your child, you will need to let the teacher know in writing or by calling the school office.  Photo ID’s will be checked at the beginning of the year until teachers are familiar with the student’s normal routine.  Please make anyone picking up your child aware of this as it may slow down the pickup process until staff are familiar with the adults picking up each day.  Adults not known to preschool staff will not be released until verification is received from the parent.  If for some reason you are late picking up your child, he/she will be waiting for you in the Main Office.  You will need to come into the office to sign your child out.


If West Irondequoit Schools or East Irondequoit Schools are closed due to inclement weather, Saint Kateri School and Preschool will also be closed.  You will be notified of this through television coverage, radio stations, and the school website.  You will also be notified electronically according to the way in which you designated on your beginning of the year paperwork.


Conferences will be held in November and January.  Sign up for November conferences will begin at Preschool Orientation in August.  Parents are always welcome to talk with the teacher to set up other times to discuss their child.  Parents may also be contacted if concerns arise during the year. 


Note that there are times during the year that Preschool and K-5 do not follow the same schedule on the calendar.  If you have other children in K-5, please make sure you are careful when making notes of No School days, etc.


Payments and payment Plan are to be done through the FACTS Management Company.  If you have any questions or concerns about your tuition payments or if you need to modify how and when you are paying, please call:         

Annette Syracusa (Business Manager) ~ (585) 544-8889 x 2108


Health records with current immunizations must be completed and returned to our school nurse before the child enters school.

If a child becomes ill in school, the parent will be called to come for him/her.

Please keep sick children at home.  A temperature above normal (98.6) necessitates that child be kept home for 24 hours.

If your child will not be in school, call the office to notify us. (585) 467-8730


All students entering preschool must be potty trained before school begins. 

If your child has an accident in school, and cannot change him/herself, you will be called to come and change him/her.  If this occurs more than three times (except for an outstanding medical problem), the child will need to be excused from the program.


Healthy snacks or cookies, and juice are favorites and the easiest for us to pass out and clean up. If your child has a summer birthday, we are happy to celebrate half- birthdays.


A snack is provided each day. Please inform us of any allergies that your child has that we should be aware of.


When you are dressing your child for school, please keep in mind that preschool can be messy; please dress your child appropriately.  It is important that you pack an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack including socks and underwear.

Mark name on all outerwear items that may be removed during the day. (i.e. boots, sweaters, etc.)

A part of our day will be spent outdoors whenever possible.  Sneakers are the best footwear for preschool. Flip flops, sandals, crocs and dress shoes can be dangerous and inappropriate for school.  Sneakers are the only shoes allowed in the gym or on the playground.  Flip Flops are not allowed to be worn in school. Please pack a sweater or jacket in their backpack every day.  Weather changes quickly in Rochester.  Please apply sunscreen to your child before they come to school in the event of a warm day.


Please purchase a backpack large enough for carrying items to and from school.  This should come with your child every day, along with the EVERYDAY FOLDER.  Please notify the school immediately of any phone number, or address change.

The preschool program is centered around monthly themes.  Each month these themes are sent home on a calendar.  The classroom will be set up with learning centers where the children can explore and discover through these monthly themes.  Talk with your children about what they have learned and continue development of these themes at home.