Grading Policy
All assignments are to be written in the student’s planner which is purchased
from the school. Homework is assigned nightly Monday through Thursday.
Weekends are for study, projects, and reading. Ten minutes per night times
the grade level is the approximate time allowance. Please notify your child’s
teacher if your child consistently spends longer or less than the recommended

  • Homework is to be completed in ink (grades 4-5) in a neat and
    thorough manner. Heading is to be put on all papers. Math
    homework is the exception and is to be completed in pencil.
    Cursive writing is used in grades 4 -5 and in Grade 3 late in the
    first semester.
  • Students will be expected to turn in assignments when requested,
    and they must be of acceptable quality. Acceptable quality
    includes neatness, accuracy, following standards, and complete
    sentences. Students should be prepared for quizzes.
  • Teachers do provide for individual differences.
  • Satisfactory completion of homework assignments will be one
    dimension of the grades on the report card.
  • Parents will be notified if a student consistently misses
  • All unit tests will be signed and returned to the teacher.

Parents are asked to check the student’s planner and the teacher’s website
to keep informed of assignments. Parents are encouraged to assist with
homework, but NOT do the homework. Math facts, vocabulary, spelling and
study time are part of homework although it may not necessarily be written in
the planner.

Make-up Work
After an absence, or other times that a student is out of the room, it is the
student’s responsibility to obtain assignments and materials. Failure to do
so will result in a lower class mark.

Report Cards
Report cards are computer generated. They will be issued four times a year.  Grades are a Percent Scale.

The grades are weighted:

50% for projects, tests and quizzes

35% classwork 

15% homework

In grades 3-5 students may celebrate their birthday or  half birthday. Treats
may be brought in by the student to their Homeroom or may be dropped off in the
office. The teacher or student will be called to get them. At the Intermediate
level (grades 3-5), we invite parents to celebrate at home with their child as parents do not join in classroom birthday celebrations. Please be conscious of any food allergy that any student in your child’s room may have. Treats should be individually wrapped for safety and health reasons.

Discipline means the training of the mind and character. We instill in our
pupils a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and for one
another. The underlying reason for this training is that we believe that
God lives within each of us. The way we treat others is the way we treat
God. Thus the question: How did you treat God in this person? The
following are some basic discipline guidelines:

  • Students show respect for adults and peers at all times. Abusive oral
    or body language is not tolerated.
  • No student should disturb or disrupt a class to the point where
    effective teaching cannot take place.
  • Proper conduct is expected at all school events and functions.
  • Theft, damage such as writing on desks, walls, lavatory
    compartments etc., deliberate damage to books or any property
    require immediate compensation.
  • Proper conduct is expected at lunch time. Students eat using proper manners and dispose of their garbage properly.

If a discipline problem or other concern occurs in a classroom, that specific teacher is responsible to contact the parent(s) or guardian(s). This could be the Art, Music, Library, AIS, P.E., or the Technology Teacher as well as the homeroom teacher.
All students are to follow these guidelines. Any teacher or designated adult will have the authority to enforce these guidelines. Parents will be notified by the adult in charge if serious misbehavior or consistent behavioral concerns are occurring.

Water Bottles
Food and beverages are allowed only at snack and lunch times. Only healthy snacks are permitted at snack time.

Earrings can ONLY be posts. All students may not wear other jewelry that is visible while at school.