Our School

Saint Kateri School proudly bears the prestigious honor of Middle States  Accreditation for all grade levels, offering your child the best start to their value-centered education.  At Saint Kateri, our faith and morals are infused into all curricular areas each day, and we welcome students of all faith backgrounds.  For all ages, our value-based curriculum fosters deep roots of character and moral values and focuses on service to the greater community.  In a safe environment, students are invited to live and get along with others and to welcome new experiences.  

We believe that an exceptional education starts with our teachers.  Every classroom has a NYS-certified teacher supported by teacher assistants or other academic support teachers.  Smaller class sizes and individual attention allow each child to develop at his/her own pace.  We also count on you, the parent or guardian, to collaborate and role model with us.  Through classroom activities, volunteering and family social events, lasting friendships are formed among school families and children. 

It is our goal that when students leave after 5th grade that they are prepared for Middle School and beyond, living with an inclusive an diverse world-view, and cherishing their personal relationships with God.  If you are interested in providing your child with a transformative education they deserve, please contact us and let us show you the Catholic School difference.